END5485 Software Development Product Manager

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Bethesda, MD
Job Type
Direct Hire
Nov 20, 2017
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Title:  Software Development Product Manager
Location: Bethesda, Maryland

Exciting new opportunity available leading a revolutionary software product team.  If you think MarTech and Security is big – then read further.  Endera is on the forefront (and we don’t have 3,000 venture capital backed competitors – yet) of generating insider risk alerts and scores through the continuous monitoring of thousands of data sources.  Risk starts from the outside and works its way in.  Insiders bring their poor decisions to work with them.  Endera identifies the pressures and rationalizations that motivate insiders to make stupid decisions.  We are aggregating data from thousands of external data sources and need an experienced engineering leader that understands data, data structure, ETL and the productization of insights through an alerts and case management platform.  You’ll join a PhD from one of the leading Universities in the United States and who has extensive fraud background working with leading money center banks.  Success lies in the ability to quickly understand data from multiple sources, work with data scientists in the creation of a unifying taxonomy, ETL data into the app, and drive the evolution of our platform.  The platform is built using Java Spark.   

Job Qualifications:
  • Experience managing software production teams
  • 10 – 15+ years of experience in software development – preferably SaaS products.
  • Experience with multi-tenancy and the governance required around highly sensitive information.
  • Preferably data visualization or decision engine types of applications.
  • 3-5 years of experience in a software development product environment.
  • Demonstrated ability to deliver MVP and iterate quickly against customer expectations.
  • Experience working in an Agile environment.
  • Work closely with product development in the prioritization of capabilities, level of effort and release dates.
  • Understanding of DevOps.
  • B.S. in Computer Science or related degree
  • Articulate / Self Starter
  • Effectively communicate release objectives and time frames.
  • Courage to absolutely own the dev process and set the appropriate pace across the team.
  • Excellent communication abilities
  • High energy
Technical Requirements:
  • Experience with Java (Spring/MVC)
  • Experience with either REST or SOAP
  • Agile development experience
  • Experience with continuous integration – open source tools
  • Ecilipse / Jenkins / MySQL
  • Git / TomCat / MongoDB
  • Maven / Spring / MVC
  • SAS
  • ETL